Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Youtube a great earning source

so here is my second post on blogybuddy.blodspot.com . As i received a great responce on my first blog . so i thought i should post another another blog and it is very important to tell you about several earning sources . 

                                       so today i will tell you about an another source of income . first of as we all know if we want to earn lots of money than we should have something different from others. So if you have something different like you have a dancing, singing, painting etc. if you have an art than you are at right place today i am going to tell you about how you can earn money by simply showing your art . Lets start with our source :-

youtube :-

              First of all it is very important to know what is youtube?
                         Youtube is social networking site where you can share your videos or you can say it is video sharing website. you can share your videos free of cost . You don't have to pay for posting of your videos . what you have to do is simply make a Youtube channel and start posting videos . After posting your videos people will start watching it and you will start becoming popular.

                                                But your videos should be interesting . A video should be like that attracts viewers so that you can get maximum views, like if you are good in singing than simply make a video in which you are singing a song and than post it on youtube once you post your video on youtube than people will start watching it . you can spread your link across other social networking sites likes facebook and whatsApp  so that people can get to know about your video.

Qo1 How you can earn money from youtube ?

After posting some videos,  like 10-15 videos on your youtube channel you become eligible for earning. Now what you have to do is register your channel with google AdSense and google will pay you for every single view .  So that is the way how you can earn money . Now i  am going to show you steps of earning money from youtube channel:-

Step 1:-Set up and build your youtube channel

Step 2:- Add content or video

Step 3 :- Gain audience/ Increase views 

Step:- 4 Monetize your video

Step:- 5 Set up google AdSense account

Step 6 :- Check your analytics

Step 7 :- Share  your video

Now after following all  these steps you have to link your bank account details to your AdSense account and you can earn money now. google will directly send money to your bank account according to your views .

                                                 google pays according to CPC (Cost per click) or according to per view

                       so go create your video and earn money .

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